Alburj has a modern Quality Control Laboratory that is full equipped to guarantee the best quality of the products manufactured in our facilities: 

  • Since the arrival of the Raw Materials into our Warehouse.

  • During all the production process.

  • Until the product is finished, ready to market.

 The Quality Control Laboratory assures to our costumers that each one of the formulations developed for our costumers, accomplish the specifications FAO and enjoy the best quality and efficacy with the crops.



The technical support from our active Spanish partners will achieve these goals. Our quality and environmental policy aims to maximize customer satisfaction by offering the highest quality standards, in terms of both products and services. We enforce all our environmental practices in compliance with environmental legislations and directives.

Along with the technical support provided by our Spanish affiliates, the QC department established in our laboratory ensures that all our technical and finished products are up to the very best standards. In doing so, the QC Dept continuously checks the active ingredient for every batch manufactured using High Performance Liquid Chromatography in addition to conducting real-time and accelerated stability tests to ensure highest quality both short term and long term. Standards and procedures are all maintained using FAO and CIPAC specifications.



In our quest for excellence, Al-Burj has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification thus complying with the requirements of our customers and ensuring the production of high quality products.



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